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Henley Freestanding Stoves

A freestanding stove is one that stands freely on either a set of legs, a pedestal, block base or log store. They are the most popular style of stoves manufactured due to their diversity in room placement, design, usability and efficiency.

The Zanzibar 5kW Freestanding Henley Stove


The Zanzibar Range incorporates a unique shape, which allows the stove to be fitted as a main wall feature or as an eye-catching room centrepiece.
The Barcelona stove


The Barcelona stove is new to the Henley range. This stove combines aesthetics and functionality with high-quality vermiculite firebox lining.
The Elcombe 5kW multi-fuel Henley stove


The Elcombe 5kW multi-fuel stove is designed to show a large viewing glass. Combining a sleek body with solid features.
The Hazlewood Eco Henley Stove

Eco Hazlewood

Introducing the Hazelwood, Henley Stoves, New Wood-burning 5kW Room Heater Stove. This New Wood-burner meets Henley’s high environmental standards.
The eco Dalewood Henley Stove

Eco Dalewood

The latest addition to Henleys new line of Woodburning Eco-Ready stoves. This stove has gone above & beyond in reaching Henley’s highest
environmental standards.
Multi-fuel Cheltenham 5kW Henley Stove


The new multi-fuel Cheltenham 5kW combines classic style with exemplary performance. The Cheltenham 5kW will operate at efficiency levels between 71% and 76%.
The Cambridge multi fuel Henley Stove


The Cambridge multi fuel stove is a blend of traditional values with a modern twist. Its popular look and excellent cast iron build quality make this stove an excellent choice for any customer.
The Ascot multi-fuel stove


The Ascot multi-fuel stove brings the best of modern technology and traditional looks to the Henley range. This stove is external air ready if your house requires.
The Aran 5kW multi-fuel stove


The Aran 5kW multi-fuel stove has been a Henley best seller from the beginning. Its beautiful traditional look will complement any interior design setting.