Wood Pellet Patio Heaters

Wood pellet patio heaters offer clean and simple operation. Fuelled by Wood pellets which are a sustainable and climate-friendly fuel. They work without electrical power and are also suitable for pergolas and some balconies.

Pellevita 250

Enjoy summer evenings on your patio with Pellevita. Extend pleasant evenings in your garden. Pleasant warmth with a beautiful flame conjures a cosy smoke and soot free atmosphere.


A more efficient alternative to outdoor propane or electric heaters. It’s portable and can travel with you. For camping or at home on the patio you will have hours of cost effective heat and simple controls to operate.

Wood Pellets

Wood pellets are an eco friendly choice for cooking and heating. The pellets are’food safe’ and suitable to use in pellet fuelled patio heaters, ovens and barbecues.